Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is There a Reason???

Drama is best kept on the stage and in the theatre system. At worst, kept alive by television shows, movies, and books. Drama is not best-served in person. It is truly best-served in small doses, as you watch on for other people to deal with. I have determined (although I admit, through a rather small sampling of the human population) that those who start drama and manage to persist in constant drama are they themselves unhappy with their own fortunes and/or lots in life.

My child's other biological parent is one of those such people. Through arrogance, sarcasm, and a very poorly developed sense of right or wrong, there is a constant stream of degradation and defiance coming from their home. I feel at a loss so many times to competently deal with the drama that is attacking me on a near constant basis.

Readers, in whatever you do, to whomever it's done to, please be respectful that you are in constant dealings with other human beings. These human beings are dealing with their own set of challenges, whether they be social, academic, or spiritual. NO HUMAN DESERVES MALTREATMENT. I don't care how much of an idiot they seem to be, each one has their own mission in life, no matter how trivial or substantial. I can't say it any clearer that I hate drama for the sake of drama. I also cannot stand to see words or actions used to abuse another human being!

Ok, rant over....Thank you for reading that one....I promise I'll post a quilting post next.