Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beans? Really?

I found a full 1/4 cup of dried beans this morning. That's not surprising  I know where the pantry is, and can tell you where the beans are.

The shocking part wasn't even the stray piece of elbow macaroni I found with the beans, or the straight pins I found. The issue with finding beans, macaroni, and straight pins all in the same location isn't even that surprising (any house with young kids has seen stranger things).

The LOCATION is the shock-inducing surprise of all of this. A completely FULL 1/4 cup of dried beans inside a sewing machine. Not inside the carrying case. Not in the accessory case. INSIDE the machine. Touching the motor. Correction, covering the motor (based on the placement of the motor and shape of the case. 

The lady to whom this machine belongs claims that when they had mice problems while living in Minnesota, they found all sorts of dried food items that they didn't belong (in storage totes, etc.). I didn't find any droppings anywhere inside the carry case, machine, or elsewhere. Thankfully. 

But yes, please, please, PLEASE! Keep little fingers, toes and teeth (human or not) away from your machine. No matter how thirsty you claim your machine is, I've never seen a sewing machine digest anything but sewing machine oil. Dry food typically doesn't count!

Ahhh....not Monday, but worth the wait! 

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