Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sleepy, but Inspired!

I've decided that not only am I utterly and completely exhausted, I'm hitting my third or fourth "wind" (yeah, I lost count, sorry).

I tried to go to sleep earlier, but that obviously didn't work too well. After "napping" for about 30 minutes, I gave up. My emotions from yesterday's arguments left me imagining future actions I or others might take. So I took my emotions back to the sewing room. I've got an "aisle" set up in my room. Basically, there's two aisles in my room, making my total workspace work in a U shape. The aisle where I computer and sew and such always stays cleared out (how else could I relieve stress if it didn't?). The other aisle doesn't always stay so neat. Aside from additional fabric, buttons, and other notions that came in the Christmas batch of "stuff" cleaned from my mom's, grandmother's, and aunt's houses. I had to be cautious with this batch of stuff since some of it came from a cat- and smoker-friendly house. I ended up tossing some much-needed zippers, trims, and tapes because they just couldn't have ever gotten clean. But I found more buttons! I added them to the other 5 lbs of buttons I have no clue how I'll ever use.

And keeping my inspiration going, I've started trimming a 45 degree angle on my strips for a project for Saturday. I've decided that instead of taking a stack of 22" long strips and having waste won't work for me (these all came from fat quarters). So I've got half of them trimmed for the bias seams to get them joined into really long strips. I'll have 6 very long strips to take with me on Saturday, and I plan to have them all wrapped on tubes to keep them nice and ready for the quilting!

I've got plans today to baste one quilt and start/possibly finish quilting two other quilts today. Ambitious, right? I've also got plans to upload another quilt to my Etsy shop. I may have to pull the Garden Flower Lap Quilt out and shoot some better photos of it so it will move out. Take a look at it and see if you want it! I under-priced it, but I want it gone, and I've got bills to pay.


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