Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bows and Ruffles!

Today, I was given a project. My friend needed a bag (it could be super simple) for the weekend, as she's going to a few shows and wants to be able to dance without worrying that someone's ravaging her purse while it sits on the sidelines, and she doesn't want to have something ugly or super-heavy over one shoulder (the way her purse works) while she tries to dance.

I had her choose a fabric for a bag a few days ago that I planned to make for her before she moves to Florida soon, and I decided to dig in. This is the bag I came up with, and she already is in love with it!

I put two very full ruffles near the bottom of the front, then put layers of the same bias-cut fabric above them. It gives the flouncy, ruffly feel without the weight of the extra fabric.

I used button holes at the top to help it create the drawstring effect. Placement was important, as it let me create the pleated effect at the top. When this bag lays completely flat, it looks like a little girl's skirt! The shoulder straps come out of the drawstring of the bag (all same piece) so that way when my friend wears it, it closes automatically.

The drawstring is double-thickness bias-cut, and is so very sturdy. I've tied it into a bow in the front, which just adds to the cuteness factor.

One of the other cool features (other than the fact that this bag is fully lined on the inside) is that there is a "hidden" zipper pocket inside near the bottom. When you look at it during the day, it won't seem hidden, but try looking at black-&-white plaid in a dimly lit club, and it blends in really well.
I even had to put something in the pocket to make sure you could see the pocket and zipper because they blend into the bag THAT well! 

She is very excited about the bag and was shocked that I'd had the time to make it (it only took me about 3 hours to make), and it has a zipper pocket to boot! After she's had people steal out of her bags at shows (how sad that people go through your stuff just because you're busy), I figured the hidden pocket might be a deterrent if she "happens" to set the bag down somewhere. With as cute and functional as it is, I don't see that happening much, though!

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