Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What a Week!

Where do I start?

I got a device quilt for an SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism: http://www.sca.org/ to read more) member done. Quilts aren't typically represented because many modern techniques (such as, um, sewing machines) weren't available at the time. I haven't done a full research regarding the previous statement, but I haven't seen anyone carrying around anything that matched their outfits or encampment materials that would match a "quilt" as we know it today. Anyway, I got it done for her to take to a tournament over the course of last weekend and this week. She's there right now with it (how cool is that?)!

While I'll have to wait until she gets back with it to take photos (yes, we CAN say it was an 11th hour finish), I'm posting up the photo of the top before I made the quilt sandwich and quilted/bound it.

I also had several rough days working on this thing. From running out of fabric (I knew I would be) to ending up with the wrong fabric (wrong shade of blue), I was working on this thing pretty solidly from Wednesday through the end of Friday (11:59 p.m., to be exact). I think I got about 8 hours of sleep total. This is coming from someone who tries to get 8-10 hours each night.

Add in replacing two tires, having ANOTHER dog-escaping escapade, track meet, and a couple of overall rough days....I think that sums up my week.

On another note, I will be offering embroidered organza scarves on Etsy soon. I'm working on the additional designs and putting together a color palette, but I have one that is a cream/beige with ruby crystals. Yes, you read that correctly. Crystals and embroidery on a fine, sheer, organza scarf. These are great for that special event or wedding! I'm getting some better shots done this upcoming weekend, but here's a preview shot: 

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