Thursday, March 21, 2013


I feel like I should be saying "What is a sewing machine, and what can it do for me?"

I took my kayak (I'm more adventurous than my body likes me to be) out for it's first float and first two capsizes last Saturday. The air was warm enough, but the water could definitely have used a bit more sunshine!

Since then, I've lounged on the sofa, done a month's worth of grocery shopping for the full household, and lounged on the sofa some more. I've managed to get a quilt off the frame upstairs (I did half of what I want to do, but it's done over the entire quilt). I've managed to re-start the quilting on a soon-to-be-for-sale quilt. And I've managed to start the quilting on a couple of rag quilts.

I haven't done a stitch of machine piecing in so long. It's hard to work like this.....

But, speaking of work, I start a new job on Monday! I get to have a fairly flexible schedule, but this means my weeks will be more full than I would have otherwise expected.

So again....What is a sewing machine, and what can it do for me????

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